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We have Highly Qualified Staff. Montessori Trained Teachers are handling the K.G section. Much more importance is given for Hindi and English Spoken by our well trained faculties. Here by we have U.G, P.G with B.Ed staff with good fluency

"The home labs from Quality Science Labs are just excellent. These people really know what they are doing! If you are teaching upper level science to your own children or to a small classroom, these are the kits you have been looking for.

The heart of any yoga practice is the performance of yoga positions (called asanas), each of which has specific physical and and mental benefits. For each pose here you will find instructions, photos, and the benefits of the pose.
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The purpose of education is to produce good citizens.Hence an educational system should cater to the all round development of an individual and make him a fitting and useful person to the society.It is expected that education should pave way not...

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Plato says “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” In other words sound basic education will decide a person’s future.
To fulfill this requirement, the idea of starting Jeeva Montessori Matric Higher
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We are living in the age of Information Explosion. People can easily access various departments of knowledge through the medium of internet and other available resources just to....
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