Apart from the main subjects during regular periods, the school offers the following facilities
Interactive methods of teaching through Smart Class system from Pre.K.G.
  English Lab Facility to develop the communication skill of the children
  Special training for handwriting
  Full fledged Computer Lab with modern technology
  Good library with a large number of books under various titles for the use of students and staff members

Special Yoga classes to enable the children to aquire mental concentration


Physical Education by well trained P.E.T. Master


Facilities to learn Arts,Music,Bharatham,Skating,Band and Martial arts like Karate,Silambam, Tae-kwon-Do.etc.,

News Updates

Joie De Vivre Provider
Jewel-like Teachers in our jewel-like school make the learning experience a joie de vivre. Our teachers are well experienced well qualified. The teachers who handle KG section are actually Montessori -Trained. In our school the accent is on improving students’ spoken English and Hindi skills.

Morality Standards Enhancer
We strongly believe in the well known adage that “ If character is lost-then everything is lost.” Our system of education helps the students to internalize various aspects of morality which actually boosts their morale in their life and thus making them achievers. To achieve this objective we not only have regular Moral Instruction classes but also yoga and meditation.

Sagacity Builder
Rote learning is advocated by many. Our experience shows that this does not actually help students in the long run. As a school with a difference, we not only teach our students academic knowledge but also other practical things of life. Thus students who have gone through education here will develop good judgement and understanding about various aspects of practical life
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